IQ test: do you think you’re up to a logical challenge like this?

We have created a new game for you that will help you improve your reasoning and calculation skills. The object of the game is to look at each domino piece in the picture and find the missing one. IQ tests with dominoes are widely used and typically measure your ability to recognize patterns, analyze shapes, and make logical connections.

IQ test: can you find which domino completes the series in less than 15 seconds?

In this particular IQ test, you will need to look at the image below and determine which domino piece completes the series. You will be able to use your logic and creativity to find a solution. There are no traps, but you have to be mentally sharp to find the solution.

iq test - which domino completes the series - the math riddle
The logical challenge

Dominoes: a mind game often used to train your intellectual abilities

It is believed that the game of dominoes originated in China and was popularized by the Italians in the 18th century. The game consists of a set of 28 dominoes on which different numbers are printed. Players take turns placing their pieces on the table, following certain rules.

As the pieces are placed, players can use strategy to create strings of numbers in an effort to win the game. The goal is to be the first player to place all their pieces on the table and score points for each line of dominoes created.

Dominoes are a great way to pass the time with friends or family, as well as a fun way to sharpen your problem-solving skills.

The solution to the digital IQ test with dominoes

The domino that completes the series of this mathematical test and the “4-2” piece. Indeed, if you have quickly spotted the logical calculation scheme of this puzzle, you will have noticed that the 3rd line is the result of the difference between line 1 and line 2. Here is the detail of the calculations:

  • Column n°1: 4-1=3 and 3-2=2
  • Column n°3: 3-2=1 and 5-4=1

The result we are looking for for the column of dominoes n°2 is therefore: 6-2=4 and 2-0=2.

iq test - which domino completes the series - walkthrough

There was no need to complicate your mind trying to do difficult calculations, only understanding the calculation logic could help you find the solution in less than 15 seconds.

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