IQ test: few people are able to solve this challenge in less than 60 seconds!

Challenges and puzzles have become very popular on the Internet and social networks. Puzzle games, intellectual challenges and intellectual games stimulate the brain as well as logic and can be very interesting.

This challenge, in particular, is quite complex and requires good problem-solving ability. It is a question of finding the exact number of matches to add at least to obtain 18 triangles from the 7 initial triangles.

Ready to take up this challenge? So let’s get started!

IQ test: Add as few matches as possible to get 18 triangles

IQ tests and puzzles come in the form of challenges which require concentration and observation. In this test, there are 7 triangles at the start. Our goal is to add as few matches as possible to get 18 triangles. We must therefore think carefully about how to proceed to resolve this type of situation. We must be attentive to the different possible configurations and find the most effective.

add matches to get 18 triangles
add matches to get 18 triangles

IQ tests are designed to test our cognitive abilities and our ability to solve problems. They can take various forms, such as calculations or logic games. With this kind of exercise, we must carefully analyze the information given and find a solution adapted to the present case.

This type of challenge tests our ability to maintain focus on a particular problem in order to successfully solve it. It’s important that we stay focused on finding the best possible solution without too many extra matches.

In order to pass an IQ test or riddles, we need to concentrate and observe the given information well. The possible configurations must be taken into account to find the most effective. These challenges therefore require special attention and constant focus to obtain the best possible result. Maintaining optimal concentration is essential in order to achieve the desired goal with as few matches as possible.

The long-awaited solution

We warmly thank all those who have worked to find the solution to this challenge. Indeed, it was necessary to add 9 matches as shown in the image below.

add matches to get 18 triangles - solution

We congratulate each of the participants for their insight and ingenuity. To reward their efforts, we invite all participants to share this challenge with those around them on social networks. So don’t hesitate and pass on this challenge!

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