IQ test: just add a match to make the equation right, but where?

Are you ready to test your problem solving skills? Put your IQ to the test with this challenge! We have a puzzle for you that has made the rounds on social media. Today we offer this puzzle: can you add a single matchstick so that the equation 5+5+5+5=555 is correct?

Puzzle of the Day: Can you add a match to make the equation right?

We bring this brain teaser to you and we can’t wait to see if you can find the solution! Achieving this requires careful observation and concentration. It is also about thinking outside the box and adopting a different approach. Don’t necessarily try to do the math, but try to find another way to use the information given.

IQ Test - 5+5+5+5=555
IQ test

Your mission is to add a match so that the equation 5+5+5+5=555 is correct. Can you rise to the challenge? We sincerely hope that you succeed in solving this riddle! So, are you ready to put your IQ to the test?

Once you find a solution, don’t forget to share the result with your friends. Puzzles can be very challenging for the mind and are a great way to practice your creativity. They can also be used to learn the fundamentals of mathematics and develop skills in this area.

We hope this challenge awakens your mind and you manage to find the solution. It is important to take the time to observe the situation well and to concentrate in order to solve this riddle. So what are you waiting for?

The solution to the puzzle: are you ready?

We hope you have taken the time to think about this riddle and are eager to find out the solution. This challenge is very popular on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are even groups specially created to solve this type of puzzles.

IQ test - 5+5+5+5=555 - walkthrough

Now we are going to give you the solution to this riddle. But before that, we want to congratulate everyone who took the time to give it a try! The solution is to add a match to the first + sign to transform it into 4. We then obtain 545+5+5=555.

Don’t forget to share the solution with your friends and challenge them! We can’t wait to see who will be able to take on this new challenge!

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