IQ test: the best pass this mathematical challenge in less than 20 seconds. And you ?

IQ tests are one of the first ways to measure intelligence and cognitive performance. These tests are often based on puzzles and challenges which can be beneficial for stimulating logical thinking and critical reasoning. The puzzles can be very varied, ranging from mathematical calculation to the careful observation of an image. IQ tests are therefore a good way to train your brain to find creative solutions to problems.

Today we have a special challenge for you. This is a mathematical equation whose result is false but which must be made correct. Your mission is to move two matches so that the equation is balanced. You have 20 seconds to achieve it to be among the best!

The challenge: Move 2 matchsticks to make the equation right

IQ test: 41-2=4
IQ test

This exercise may seem simple, but it requires good observation and total concentration. You must carefully observe all the matches to understand how to move them in order to achieve the desired result. The key is to think outside the box to find the most effective solution.

We must also apply our mathematical knowledge and logical skills to find the correct solution. Thus, we must take into account that 41-2=4. We have 20 seconds to solve this challenge! So, will you manage to balance the equation?

The solution of the mathematical challenge with matches

You got the solution in less than 20 seconds? So, congratulations! If you haven’t completed this challenge yet, don’t worry. The solution is 11-2=9 and we have put an image to explain how to achieve it.

IQ test - 41-2=4 - walkthrough

This challenge is very popular on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Many users have tried this puzzle and shared their solutions with their friends. So it’s time to see if you’ve found the right combination!

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