Less than 3 out of 10 people find the solution to this IQ test. Do you think you are one of the geniuses of this world?

In recent years, puzzle games, puzzles and intellectual challenges have gained popularity on the Internet and social networks. These intellectual games not only stimulate logical thinking and reasoning, but they are also very entertaining.

Here is a challenge that requires a good dose of logic to solve it: it is a question of moving 2 matchsticks to obtain an equality from the false starting equation which is 81-51=67. Try to complete this challenge!

IQ test: move 2 matches to get a tie

IQ tests are a general method used to assess human intelligence. They consist of solving puzzles or challenges that put everyone’s analytical and cognitive skills to the test. This method is commonly used by psychologists to measure a person’s IQ, although it is a controversial concept.

IQ test - 81-51=67
IQ test: get a tie by moving 2 matches

In the present case, it’s about moving 2 matches to get a tie from the starting false equation which is 81-51=67. To succeed in this type of challenge, you have to concentrate well and observe the situation carefully.

A good understanding of the problem often makes it possible to quickly find the appropriate solution to the puzzles. However, it takes some effort and we have to stay alert and perceptive despite the complexity of the tasks.

It is essential to concentrate and be attentive to succeed in this challenge. IQ testing is a method that assesses human intelligence and here it involves moving 2 matchsticks to get the right tie.

Understanding the problem thoroughly is essential in order to find the correct solution to the puzzles. It is therefore necessary to take the time to observe and analyze the situation well, even if it may seem difficult in the face of the difficulties of the tasks.

The long-awaited solution for this IQ test

Congratulations to everyone who rose to the challenge and found the solution! The solution was 61=61=61, as shown in the image below.

IQ test - 81-51=67 - walkthrough

We are very grateful to everyone who spent time trying to solve the mystery. If you enjoyed taking up this challenge, do not hesitate to share it on social networks to allow those around you to enjoy the pleasure that the puzzles provide!

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