Math riddle: how long will it take you to find the solution? Some get there in less than 35 seconds

Puzzles, puzzle games and intellectual challenges have become very popular on the Internet and social networks. Solving a math problem can be one of them, and that’s what we’re going to see today. This challenge consists of solving a mathematical equation. We want to know how long you will take to find the result of the last line.

To start, here is an overview of the challenge:

  • Line 1 : Dog*Cat=0
  • Line 2: Dog+Cat=7
  • Line 3: 5+2*2=Mouse
  • Last line: Dog+Cat+Mouse=?

In order to know the time needed to find the solution to this equation, let’s get to the heart of the matter!

IQ test: how long will it take you to find the solution?

IQ tests and puzzles are games that involve solving complex problems. The goal is to calculate the result of a series of lines that make up the challenge, such as:

  • Line 1: Dog * Cat = 0,
  • Row 2: Dog + Cat = 7,
  • Line 3: 5 + 2 * 2 = Mouse,
  • Line 4: Dog + Cat + Mouse = ?
iq test: what is the correct result?
IQ test: what is the correct result?

To find the solution, it is necessary to concentrate well to think about the operations to be carried out and the data provided. It is important to take the time necessary to find the solution, because it is not always easy to discover.

However, while some may take several minutes or more to find the correct answer, others will get there in seconds. It all depends on the type of IQ test and the knowledge we have. Another way to approach this kind of situation is to try different methods until you get the desired result.

The long-awaited solution

Here is the detailed explanation of this mathematical challenge:

To solve the puzzle, we need to assign a value to each animal.

To start, let’s look at the first two lines:

Line 1 : Dog*Cat=0. This means that one of the animals (either the Dog or the Cat) must be zero, because any number multiplied by zero is zero.

Line 2: Dog+Cat=7. Since we know that one of the animals is zero (from the first line), that means the other animal must be 7 for the sum to be correct.

So we can conclude that the Dog is 0 and the Cat is 7, or vice versa.

Then let’s look at the line 3 : 5+2*2=Mouse. According to the rules of order of operations, the multiplication must be done first, so the equation becomes 5+4=Mouse, which means Mouse=9.

Finally, we can replace Dog, Cat, and Mouse with their respective numeric values in the last line.

If Dog is 0 and Cat is 7, then the equation becomes: 0+7+9=16. If Cat is 0 and Dog is 7, the equation is: 7+0+9=16. In both cases, the result is 16, which confirms that the result of the last line is indeed 16.

IQ test: what is the correct result - answer
The answer to the riddle

We warmly thank all those who took up the challenge and dedicated the time to find the solution. We encourage everyone to share this challenge on social networks so that others can also have fun with this riddle and see if they can figure out the answer.

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