New Moon July 17, 2023 in Cancer: Relationships With These Zodiac Signs Will Flourish

There new Moon is always a good time to start something new, and that of July 17, 2023 in Cancer is no exception. More specifically, this new moon will have a very positive impact on the romantic relationships of three zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Let’s see in detail how this new moon will influence their love life.

Cancer, a deeply sensitive water sign

THE Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon, which gives it great sensitivity, deep emotions and developed intuition. Cancerians are also known to be very attached to their family and their roots, and to seek emotional security in their lives.

New Moon July 17, 2023 in Cancer
New Moon July 17, 2023 in Cancer

How will the new moon in Cancer influence Cancer loves?

During this period, the lunar energies will be particularly beneficial for people born under the sign of Cancer. Indeed, the new moon in Cancer will give rise to an intensification of emotions, which will allow the natives of this sign to better express their feelings and strengthen their bonds with their partner.

In addition, this new moon will provide a favorable climate for the development of new romantic relationships for single Cancerians. People of this sign will thus have more self-confidence and will be more open to dating, which will increase their chances of finding love.

Scorpio, a passionate and mysterious water sign

THE Scorpio is another water sign ruled by the planet Mars and Pluto, which gives it an intense, passionate and mysterious personality. Scorpio natives are often perceived as being difficult to pin down, but they also have a great capacity to love deeply and sincerely.

What changes will the new moon in Cancer bring to the love life of Scorpios?

This new moon in Cancer will have a very beneficial effect on the loves of Scorpios. Indeed, it will allow them to better understand their emotions and to express them more easily, which will greatly facilitate communication with their partner. Scorpios will thus be able to speak freely about their desires, their fears and their dreams, which will strengthen the complicity in the couple.

Moreover, this period will also be favorable to single Scorpios who wish to meet someone. The new moon in Cancer will help them show their best side, thus attracting the attention of potential partners.

Pisces, empathetic and romantic water sign

THE Pisces are the last water sign of the zodiac and are ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, imagination and spirituality. The natives of Pisces are renowned for their empathy, their sensitivity and their romanticism, but can also be easily hurt because of their high emotionality.

How will the new moon in Cancer benefit Pisces lovers?

The new moon in Cancer will bring Pisces an emotional boost, allowing them to express their feelings more clearly and better understand those of their partner. This period will therefore be conducive to declarations of love and romantic gestures, thus strengthening the bond in the couple.

However, this new moon will also push Pisces to be more demanding when it comes to romantic relationships. They will seek to live a deep and sincere love story, and will not hesitate to end a relationship if it does not meet their expectations.

The other signs of the zodiac and the new moon in Cancer

Although this new moon is particularly favorable for water signs, it will also have a positive impact on the romantic relationships of other zodiac signs, especially in terms of communication, understanding emotions and mutual support.

  • Ram : this new moon will push Aries to be more attentive to the needs of their partner and to better express their own emotions.
  • Bull : the period will be favorable for strengthening the emotional stability of the couple, as well as for discussing important topics such as future plans.
  • Gemini: Gemini will be encouraged to communicate more with their partner and show more empathy in their romantic relationship.
  • Lion : Leos will have to learn to control their pride and to be more vulnerable in front of their partner, in order to strengthen their sentimental bond.
  • Virgin : the new moon in Cancer will help Virgos be less judgmental and more understanding of their partner.
  • Balance : Libras will be led to seek more balance within their couple, giving as much importance to their own well-being as to that of their partner.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarians will need to learn to listen to their hearts and follow their intuition, rather than sticking solely to logic and reason.
  • Capricorn: the period will be favorable for Capricorns wishing to consolidate their romantic relationship, by developing better communication and greater complicity with their partner.
  • Aquarius: Aquarians will have to learn to manage their emotions in a healthier way and to be more affectionate towards their partner.

The July 17, 2023 new moon in Cancer will mark a positive turning point in the love life of many zodiac signs. The natives of the water signs, in particular, will see their romantic relationship blossom and strengthen thanks to this celestial influence.

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