Personality test: the symbol that attracts you symbolizes the emotion that governs your life the most!

THE personality test is a valuable tool that helps us better understand our state of mind and our tastes, exploring the characteristics of our personality. To do this, it is based on psychological principles and offers a variety of questions designed to shed light on how you approach life. The tests can be used to explore various aspects of your personality such as your personality type, your interests and motivations or even your specific abilities.

This test is based on four cards with mystical symbols each representing a different emotion that has a significant impact in everyone’s life. Each of them evokes a different inner state and allows participants to identify what kind of attitude they adopt towards certain situations. The purpose of the test, therefore, is to determine which emotion has the greatest power over how you approach each situation.

Personality test: what emotion rules your life
Personality test: what emotion rules your life


people who choose card number 1 could be governed by joy. They tend to see the positive side of things and seek to live every moment to the full.

Their enthusiasm and their optimism are contagious and allow them to overcome challenges with ease. They take advantage of every opportunity, finding inspiration and hope in any situation. For them, life is one big game full of possibilities worth exploring.

These people are always ready to take calculated risks and take on challenges while enjoying every moment. Joy is at the center of their existence, which helps them to face all obstacles with courage and confidence. Joy is the motor that keeps their internal cogs turning; this is what drives them to create, innovate and learn constantly.

The sensibility

people who choose card number 2 could be governed by sensitivity. They are very receptive to their own emotions, as well as those of others, and can show great empathy and compassion.

This sensitivity is a tremendous asset, as it can allow them to connect with others in a deeper and more meaningful way. Unfortunately, this can also be a source of vulnerability: these people are likely to be strongly affected by emotional fluctuations.

The determination

people who choose card number 3 are generally governed by determination. They are persevering, tenacious and do not hesitate to take up challenges to achieve their goals. These people have a great strength of characterwhich allows them to overcome obstacles and progress in life.

They give themselves the necessary means to achieve their objectives and do not stop in the face of failure. These people are very motivatedthey know how to set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them.


The people who choose the card number 4 are governed by the calme. They are known to be serene, peaceful and to seek to maintain emotional balance in all situations.

These people know how to keep their cool even under stressful circumstances, which allows them to make thoughtful decisions and maintain a clear vision of their goals. The ability of these personalities to stay calm and focused is very valuable and can help create a harmonious environment.

In addition, these people generally know how to solve problems effectively thanks to their positive and constructive attitude. They have a great ability to adapt to changes and difficulties, which makes them highly valued individuals. Their qualities such as empathy, patience and perseverance make them very benevolent personalities.

Do you live through an emotion?

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