Personality test: the way you make a fist reveals a lot about your character. What’s yours ?

A recent study suggests that the way we clench our fist could reveal fascinating traits about our personality. Whether you are outgoing, shy or generous, your fist might just be the mirror of your soul. Three main ways of making a fist have been identified, each revealing distinct characteristics.

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Personality test: how do you close your fist
Personality test: how do you close your fist

1. Thumb in: the sign of artistic and perfectionist spirits

If your fist closes with your thumb tucked in, you are probably an introverted and perfectionist person. Your calm and reserve can be misinterpreted, but those who know you well know that you simply prefer your own space, away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

arts and culture are your sanctuary, realms that nurture and soothe you. You are endowed with deep sensitivity, a precious asset which, however, can sometimes play tricks on you, especially in the area of ​​love.

2. The thumb on the knuckles: the mark of social chameleons

Do you place your thumb on your knuckles when making a fist? If so, you might be what is called a social chameleon. Your natural charm, your sparkling humor and your sincerity make you a person very appreciated by those around you.

However, even with your apparent confidence, you may have a hidden fear of failure that could hamper your full development, especially professionally. This fear can also show up in your romantic relationships, with the fear of being hurt again by a partner being a recurring feeling.

3. The thumb on the side: the imprint of bold and energetic souls

If you’re one of those people who puts their thumb to the side when making a fist, you’re probably a person bursting with enthusiasm and energy. Your constant quest for new experiences denotes an adventurous spirit.

Attention, you sometimes tend to be too generous, even towards people who do not deserve your kindness. You are recognized for your frankness and your courage. Although you may not readily admit it, you need to feel cared for and safe. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to truly open up in love.

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