Personality test: what do you see first? Find out if you are an optimistic person or not

The world of psychology is full of tools to better understand our own personality. One of them is a test of visual perception where two figures stand out: a woman and a bird. Which do you see first? Your answer could reveal whether you are an optimist or not. By determining the first figure you distinguish, you may discover an unexpected interpretation of your life perspective.

Our perceptions are often a reflection of our inner reality. What we see first in a complex image can tell a lot about our personality.

Personality test: are you an optimistic person
Personality test: are you an optimistic person

When the bird first flies in your sight

If this is the bird that caught your attention in the first place, you are probably one of those people who constantly question themselves, even in the face of the smallest details. You are one of those who anticipate problems before they arise, to the point of sometimes preventing you from carrying out your projects, for fear that they will not materialize. Such pessimism can harm you, and it would be beneficial for you to learn to relax and have confidence in yourself.

This tendency to see the glass as half empty rather than half full can reflect a lack of confidence in your own abilities. You are a discreet person, who prefers to stay in the shadows rather than putting yourself forward. Your great curiosity is unfortunately often hampered by your fear of failure.

The idea that everything can go wrong terrifies you, for fear of finding yourself with nothing. It is important to understand that life is a game of risk. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but the reverse is also true. By adopting a positive attitude, you will discover that incredible events can occur in different spheres of your life. Optimism is a valuable quality to cultivate. It can help you achieve goals you thought were unattainable. It can also open new doors and create opportunities.

When the woman first appears in your sight

If this is the woman you noticed first, you are most likely an optimistic person. You are often thought of as a big dreamer because you have a multitude of dreams and ambitions, and nothing seems to be able to distract you from your path to achieving your goals. You yearn for a better life and you struggle to make your dreams come true. Even if you sometimes experience disappointments, failure has never stopped you from pursuing your dreams. It’s a wonderful way to approach life.

You have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Over the years and your experiences, you have realized many projects. So you know what you are capable of. When you encounter an obstacle, you don’t give up and look for ways to overcome it. You don’t just think it’s impossible, you keep fighting until “the impossible becomes possible”.

This determination is admirable, but it is also recommended to take breaks from time to time. You are so focused on achieving your goals that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself, which is just as important. Making time doesn’t mean giving up. On the contrary, it shows that you are ready to think about the best course of action. A little downtime can also help you sort through your projects, set your priorities. It’s also a way to improve your organization, which could speed up the realization of your dreams.

The most important thing to remember

Whichever figure you saw first, it is important to remember that every perception, every interpretation, carries with it some truth but is not a definitive sentence. We all have the opportunity to evolve, change, learn and grow. Whether you saw the bird or the woman first, remember that your view of the world is unique and valuable. Above all, keep in mind that your ability to be optimistic or pessimistic is flexible and can be worked on. As Winston Churchill said:

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

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