Personality test: what do you see first? It reveals the degree of perseverance that lies dormant in you.

Perception games and personality tests are great tools for revealing unsuspected facets of our character. One of these tests, based on a simple question – do you see a cat or a dog? – could well reveal the perseverance that lies dormant in you. Whether the first animal that comes to your mind is a cat or a dog, the answer says a lot about your ability to persevere in the face of life’s challenges.

The cat: half-hearted perseverance

If your eye first spotted the feline, your mind may be full of plans, but you may lack the perseverance to see them through. Faced with daunting obstacles, you tend to give up, convinced that the goal may not be for you. It seems your self-esteem might be to blame for this reluctance to persevere..

There is no failure. There are only experiences that lead us to our destiny.

How Your Visual Perception Reveals Your Perseverance
How Your Visual Perception Reveals Your Perseverance

Your past experiences, the ones you call “failures,” have eroded your perseverance. In order to avoid reliving these disappointments, you may have decided not to invest yourself so much in your projects.

But don’t worry, it’s not all gloomy. You possess an admirable quality: an undeniable empathy towards others. You are not swayed by rumors or prejudices and seek to know people for yourself, which is a real asset. In addition, your sociability and your aversion to conflict make you an easy person to approach, which is a great strength.

The dog: the symbol of perseverance

If it’s a dog you saw first, chances are you’re a person of unwavering perseverance. You do everything in your power to realize your ambitions and realize your dreams, a quality that your loved ones no doubt admire.

Responsible and meticulous, you strive to do things well, whether at work or in other aspects of your life. Your desire to increase your knowledge and develop your intelligence is another notable characteristic. You understand that mastery of a particular subject area leads to significant intellectual development.

Your creative talents only reinforce your uniqueness. Your contributions to various projects are easily recognizable thanks to your distinctive styling. However, your talent and skills might arouse the jealousy of some, so stay alert.

So, are you a cat or a dog?

Whether you are the cat or dog type, each profile has its strengths and weaknesses. Cat people are empathetic and sociable, but may lack perseverance due to their sometimes fragile self-esteem. Dog people, on the other hand, are known for their perseverance and creativity, but should beware of the jealousy that these qualities can arouse.

At any rate, both types have one important thing in common: love and loyalty to the people they care about. No matter the time that passes or the distance that separates, these bonds remain strong and unshakable.

It is important to remember that this test is only a fun tool to get to know yourself better. Each individual is unique and complex, and cannot be fully defined by a personality test. Nevertheless, these tests can offer interesting perspectives and help to initiate self-reflection.

So, are you a cat or a dog? And what does that say about your perseverance?

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