Personality test: what values ​​are most important to you?

Personality tests are fascinating instruments that reveal the deep traits of our character. They are used in a multitude of contexts: professional recruitment, personal development, psychology, etc. The test we are going to talk about today is of a rather special kind, it is practiced without effort, just for fun. The exercise is simple: observe an image and tell us what you see first.

The real journey of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust

Personality test: what values ​​are most important to you?
Personality test

This observational personality test is an invitation to look at the world with a new eye, that of introspection.

If you see a moon first

If your eyes were immediately drawn to the silhouette of a moon, it testifies to a personality anchored in solid principles. Your integrity and your frankness are pillars of your character.

You move forward in life guided by your values, both in your personal and professional life. You claim only the fruit of your labor, never betray those who are close to you and show unwavering loyalty. Your honesty is a character trait that honors you and inspires respect.

If you first see a face in profile

If it’s the face of a person who caught your eye in the first place, it reveals a generous, devoted and sincere personality. Your cardinal values ​​are empathy and altruism, which translate into unfailing generosity towards those who are dear to you.

You are willing to sacrifice yourself for their well-being. In addition, your dedication and your constant presence make you a pillar for those around you, in happy times as well as in difficult times. Your sincerity is your greatest quality, it testifies to the authenticity of your feelings and your relationships.

If you don’t see any specific shape

If you haven’t discerned a moon or a face, it could indicate immaturity. You are characterized by your carelessness, your freedom and a certain disconnection from reality. You live in your world, indifferent to the hassles of everyday life.

This attitude may be a sign of over-protectiveness during your childhood. However, your free spirit and your nonconformity allow you to see things differently, and that makes you unique. It’s time, however, to think about your future and look further ahead.

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