Quickly cool a bottle of water without a fridge: the incredible grandmother’s trick you need to know!

In summer or during periods of high heat, it can be difficult to keep your drink cool. The fridge is not always available, especially when you are on the move, on a picnic or on vacation. However, there is a grandma’s tip simple and effective way to quickly cool a bottle of water without a fridge. Discover here the secret to enjoying fresh and thirst-quenching water in just a few minutes.

The principle: using science to cool your water

To cool a bottle of water without a fridge, the trick is to take advantage of a natural phenomenon well known to scientists: evaporation. When a liquid evaporates, it absorbs heat and thus causes a drop in temperature around it. So all you have to do is create favorable conditions for evaporation to cool your water bottle.

quickly cool a bottle of water without a fridge
quickly cool a bottle of water without a fridge

The necessary ingredients

  • A bottle of water at room temperature
  • A tea towel, napkin or piece of cloth large enough to wrap the bottle
  • Coarse salt
  • Cold water (if possible) or tap water

The steps to refresh your bottle of water without a fridge

Follow these quick and easy steps to enjoy refreshing water in no time:

  1. Wet the dishcloth or towel: Soak your piece of cloth in cold or tap water. Squeeze it lightly to keep it damp but not dripping.
  2. Add coarse salt: Generously sprinkle the wet cloth with coarse salt. Salt promotes evaporation and will allow your bottle to cool faster.
  3. Wrap the bottle: Wrap the salty cloth around your water bottle, making sure it’s well covered.
  4. Place the bottle in the fridge: Ideally, expose the bottle wrapped in the tea towel to a source of fresh air, such as a draft, a fan or simply in the shade. Avoid sunny or hot places which will delay the cooling process.
  5. Wait a few minutes: Depending on the ambient temperature and the efficiency of your evaporation system, your water bottle should be chilled in just 10-30 minutes.

The advantages of this trick to cool a bottle of water without a fridge

This simple and effective method has several advantages:

  • Economic : No need to buy ice cubes or ice packs, coarse salt and water are cheap and easily accessible ingredients.
  • Convenient : Whether you’re on a picnic, camping or just at home during a power outage, this trick allows you to enjoy fresh water without the need for a fridge.
  • Fast : Unlike freezing, which takes several hours to cool a bottle of water, this method only takes a few minutes.
  • Ecological: By avoiding the use of electrical appliances such as the fridge or the freezer, you contribute to reducing your energy footprint and your environmental impact.

Good to know: the limits of this trick

This technique works especially well for glass or plastic water bottles. However, it is important to note that it may be less effective for thermoses or isothermal water bottles, whose insulation limits heat exchange with the outside. In this case, prefer a cold water bath with ice cubes to quickly cool your drink.

It is also essential to ensure that the fabric remains moist throughout the cooling process. If necessary, do not hesitate to re-moisten and re-salt the cloth to maintain evaporation and effectively refresh your water bottle.

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