Les plantes qui repoussent les moustiques

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural and aesthetic choice

Kate Williams

During the summer months, mosquitoes can quickly become a real nuisance. To avoid the excessive use of chemical insecticides, there ...

Arroser les plantes quand il pleut : bonne ou mauvaise idée

Watering plants when it rains: good or bad idea?

Kate Williams

The question of watering plants while it’s raining may seem strange at first, but it actually raises several interesting points. ...

Pourquoi faut-il mettre des glaçons dans les pots de plantes ?

Why should ice cubes be put in plant pots? Discover the unsuspected benefits of this practice

Kate Williams

In the world of gardening, it is not uncommon to find amazing tips and advice. One of them is to ...

Comment empêcher votre chat de manger les plantes d’intérieur ?

How to prevent your cat from eating indoor plants?

Kate Williams

If you’re a plant lover and cat owner, chances are you’ve encountered this problem before: your feline can’t stop chewing ...

5 plantes qui repoussent efficacement les araignées

Do you know these 5 plants that effectively repel house spiders?

Kate Williams

Tired of spiders invading your home? Do not panic ! In this article, we will introduce you 5 natural plants ...

Pourquoi mettre du marc de café dans les plantes ?

Why put coffee grounds in plants?

Kate Williams

Coffee grounds are a natural product from the coffee-making process. This is the solid residue left after brewing ground coffee ...

Les plantes d’intérieur toxiques pour les chats _ comment les identifier et les éviter (2)

Which houseplants are poisonous to cats? Some can be fatal for our felines!

Kate Williams

All cat owners know how much these animals love to nibble on the leaves of plants. However, some indoor plants ...