Test your IQ as you try to solve this confusing logic riddle

Intellectual challenges and puzzles are increasingly popular on social media. Puzzle games, intellectual games and logical challenges have become a favorite activity for many.

The challenge we are going to discuss today is: move a single matchstick to get 4 triangles. We will explore this challenge together and discuss the different ways it can be solved. With a little effort, we should be able to find the perfect solution. So let’s get started!

IQ test: move a single matchstick to get 4 triangles

One of the most well-known IQ tests is the challenge of move a single match to get 4 triangles. This one is for everyone and requires you to concentrate well in order to find the solution.

IQ test - move a match to get 4 triangles
IQ test: move a match to get 4 triangles

To meet these kinds of challenges, you have to listen to yourself and take the time to reflect. Indeed, if we want to be satisfied with the result, we have to find the right strategy and test different possibilities to achieve it. It can sometimes seem difficult to arrive at a solution but it enriches our cognitive capacity and can even reveal certain hidden aptitudes.

In addition to being fun, this type of game is very interesting because it helps you learn to think logically and rationally. We can then use our mathematical or geometric knowledge to find the right solution. In addition, this type of puzzles invite exploration while stimulating our creative spirit.

To meet the challenge and get 4 triangles with a single match, you have to show concentration and logic. It is not enough to try random solutions, we must focus on finding the right strategy. These types of games are fun and teach you to think logically and rationally.

The solution to today’s logic challenge

After several tries, you finally did it! Congratulations to everyone who passed the challenge to build 4 triangles like in the image below.

IQ test - move a match to get 4 triangles - solution

It took logic and clever thinking to get there. So thank you for your patience and your commitment to take up this challenge. Do not hesitate to share it with those around you on social networks so that they can also test their logical skills!

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