The best tips for cleaning your windows like a pro without leaving streaks

Taking care of your windows is essential to enjoy beautiful light and give a clean look to your interior. However, it is not always easy to clean them without leaving traces and obtaining an impeccable result. In this article, discover 5 effective tips for cleaning your windows without leaving streaks.

1. Use white vinegar and lukewarm water

White vinegar is an essential ally for cleaning windows. Indeed, it has degreasing and anti-limestone properties which allow to overcome traces on the windows. To use, simply mix one part white vinegar with two parts warm water.

tips for cleaning windows without leaving streaks
tips for cleaning windows without leaving streaks

How to apply this mixture?

To do this, take a spray bottle and generously spray the mixture on the glass surface. Leave on for a few minutes then wipe off with a clean, dry micro-fiber cloth. You will notice that the traces disappear quickly and your window regains all its shine.

2. Add dish soap to the mixture

If you find that the previous mixture is not enough to overcome the most stubborn stains, try adding a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in your mixture. Dishwashing liquid is also an excellent degreaser and will enhance the effectiveness of white vinegar.

The right gesture to clean well

To clean your windows with this mixture, soak a clean micro-fiber cloth in the solution then rub on the glass surface using circular movements. Then rinse the glass with clean water before drying with another clean, dry cloth.

wash the windows
wash the windows

3. Use crumpled up newspaper

Newspaper is an effective grandmother’s tip for cleaning windows without leaving streaks. In effect, the newspaper has a slightly abrasive texture that removes encrusted dirt without scratching the glass surface.

How to use newspaper properly?

Crumple up a few sheets of newspaper, dampen them lightly with water and then rub the glass in circular motions. Don’t forget to change the sheet as soon as it gets too dirty. Finish by wiping the glass with a clean, dry cloth.

4. Opt for professional cleaning with a window squeegee

For a result worthy of professionals, you can invest in a window squeegee. This handy tool will help you clean your windows streak-free and with minimal effort.

how to properly clean windows
how to properly clean windows

The steps for a perfect cleaning

  1. Start by moistening the glass with a mixture of warm water and white vinegar.
  2. Then run the squeegee over the surface, making S-shaped movements.
  3. Regularly wipe the squeegee blade with a clean cloth to avoid moving dirt around.
  4. Finish by wiping the edges of the glass with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove all traces of product.

Do not hesitate to repeat this operation if you still notice some traces after the first pass.

5. Choose the right time to clean your windows

Finally, know that when you decide to wash your windows also affects the end result. In fact, it is advisable to avoid the hottest hours of the day or sunny days, as the sun accelerates the drying of the products and favors the formation of traces.

When to clean your windows?

So prefer cloudy days or early morning or late afternoon times to start your cleaning. Thus, your mixture will have time to act well on the dirt before being rinsed and wiped, which will guarantee you an impeccable result.

By following these simple and effective tips, you should now be able to clean your windows without leaving streaks and obtain a perfectly clean and bright surface. Do not hesitate to adapt these tips according to your situation and the tools you have for optimal results. Happy cleaning!

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