These 2 zodiac signs never reveal their feelings: impossible to decipher what they feel!

It is often difficult to know what our loved ones really feel, especially when they belong to certain astrological signs. In effect, two zodiac signs are particularly discreet and mysterious when it comes to expressing their feelings. Discover in this article who these two signs are and how to detect their true nature.

The first discreet sign: Gemini

People born under the sign of Gemini have a reputation for being communicative and sociable. Yet they may struggle to express their feelings clearly and often prefer to keep some emotional distance from others. Here are a few reasons why Geminis are so tight-lipped about their emotions:

These 2 zodiac signs never reveal their feelings
These 2 zodiac signs never reveal their feelings

Gemini duality

The symbol of Gemini is represented by twins, which illustrates well the duality of their character. So, they can be sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholy, without always understanding why. This emotional instability can push them to hide their true feelings so as not to destabilize those around them.

The need for freedom and independence

Gemini like to live according to their desires and fear being locked into a suffocating relationship. They therefore tend to protect themselves by not revealing their feelings too muchto prevent others from getting too attached to them and preventing them from flying on their own.

The fear of rejection

Finally, Geminis may fear being judged or rejected if they prove to be too vulnerable. Thus, they often prefer to keep their emotions to themselves so as not to take the risk of being hurt by those they love.

The second discreet sign: Capricorn

Capricorn is also a sign that has a hard time expressing their feelings. People born under this sign are generally reserved and introverted, which can make their emotional decoding particularly complex. Here are some explanations on this discretion:

The sense of responsibilities

Capricorns are known to be very serious and responsible. They often have feeling like they have to take the weight of the world on their shoulders and dread showing their weaknesses. Therefore, they hide their emotions behind a facade of coldness and distance.

The fear of losing control

Capricorns like to be in control of their lives and their emotions. They can therefore feel very anxious about the idea of ​​being overwhelmed by their feelings, and prefer to keep them to themselves so as not to lose their footing.


Capricorns are also very demanding of themselves and tend to always want to be above reproach. They fear that expressing their emotions will make them less strong or less worthy in the eyes of others.and therefore prefer to remain stoic in all circumstances.

How to decipher the feelings of these discreet signs?

It can be difficult to understand how Gemini and Capricorn really feel, but here are some ways to better understand them:

  • Observe their non-verbal language : Facial expressions, posture or gestures can betray the hidden emotions of these astrological signs. Pay attention to these little clues that often say more than words.
  • Create a climate of trust : Both of these signs need to feel safe in order to open up. Show them that you are worthy of their trust and that they can count on you without fear.
  • Take his time : It is important to respect the rhythm of these signs and not to try to rush them. They don’t easily reveal their feelings, but can eventually open up if given time to feel comfortable.

It is essential to learn to decipher the signals sent to us by our loved ones belonging to the signs of Gemini and Capricorn, in order to better understand their emotions and to establish a deeper relationship with them. Patience, kindness and listening will be your best allies to unravel the mystery of these two discreet astrological signs about their feelings..

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