This illustration contains 9 absurdities that must be spotted in less than 45 seconds. Few people find them all!

Although some people claim that it is impossible to find the 9 nonsense in this picture, many others have found them without difficulty. Which side will you be on, the winners or the losers? We’re sure you can do it if you focus a little bit.

This visual test will put all your senses on alert to detect the absurdities present in this scene. We guarantee fun but also a moment of reflection, because only 3 out of 10 people manage to find all the errors. There are a lot of details that don’t fit the house painters scene and you’ll have to concentrate to find anything wrong with this image.

Take a deep breath, relax, and when you feel ready, drop a little lower to start the challenge. Remember there is no need to rush, take your time if 45 seconds is too short for you!

Visual challenge: detect the 9 nonsense in the picture

Test your sense of observation by finding the 9 errors

Can you spot the errors in this image? Two men are painting a wall, but there are several errors if you look closely. Show us you have a “hawk eye”! Here, we are not talking about becoming the best cryptocurrency investor, you will have understood that! The only thing to do is to be better than your friends that you are going to challenge!

The Solution to the Visual Challenge: Have You Found All 9 Absurdities?

In this visual challenge you have to find all the errors in the picture. If you are wondering how many errors there are, don’t worry, there are only nine. One of the most egregious mistakes in this scene is that one of the men uses a shoe to paint something on the wall. We warned you, errors are really absurd.

visual test - find the 9 errors in this image with 2 painters - solution
Solution to the visual challenge of painters with the 9 errors

Here is the list of the 9 gross errors that had to be found in the image:

  1. The water from the gutter falls into a sieve.
  2. The clock is reversed.
  3. The painter uses a shoe instead of a brush.
  4. The pot has pink paint, different from the color it is painted in.
  5. There is a snowman inside the house.
  6. One of the painters wears roller skates.
  7. There is a two-headed chicken.
  8. There is a Christmas tree with strawberries.
  9. There is an umbrella inside a box.

Some will say that there is a tenth absurdity in spotting the paper hat in the shape of a boat on the head of the painter on the left, but is it really a mistake? Tastes and colors cannot be discussed!

Did you like this visual challenge?

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