This math challenge with matches is quite simple. Will you find the solution in less than 15 seconds?

Today’s puzzle can only be solved if you have an alert mind and a penchant for solving puzzles. You can solve this match equation with logical reasoning and good observation skills. Let’s see if you can solve this brain teaser in less than 15 seconds.

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IQ test: move a single matchstick to balance the equation

puzzle with matches

Puzzles are an interesting form of riddle that requires thought to be solved. Puzzles force you to think outside the box and tap into the full potential of your mind. One of the newest brain teasers that has been all the rage on social media and has many minds baffled is: How can you move a single matchstick and solve the equation 1+2+3+8= 21 in this puzzle with matches?

The solution to the challenge

If you are still trying to find the answer to this question we have a hint for you, there are several different solutions and all you need to know is the basic math to solve the equations. Now let us see the solutions and their explanation.

To find the answer and make the equation 1+2+3+8=21 correct, we must first turn the one into seven and the eight into nine by removing the bottom match. The solution is therefore 7+2+3+9=21.

Solution to the puzzle
Solution to the puzzle

The image below will give you a better understanding of this solution. Did you find the solution in the given time?

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