This surprising trick allows you to make a success of your barbecue for sure!

There are several tips for successful barbecue cooking for sure. Among them, the judicious use of ice cubes on minced steaks can surprise and intrigue. It is actually aan ingenious technique to guarantee perfect cooking minced steak while retaining its tenderness and taste.

The unknown technique of ice cubes on ground beef

Here’s how to implement this amazing trick:

  1. Prepare your burgers as usual (seasoning, spices, etc.).
  2. Preheat your barbecue to a medium temperature.
  3. Place a small ice cube on each ground steak, then place them on the barbecue grill with the ice cube facing up.
  4. Let the steaks cook for a few minutes on each side until nicely browned and cooked to perfection.
how to make a successful barbecue for sure
how to make a successful barbecue for sure

The trick is therefore to place an ice cube on the ground steaks while they are cooking on the barbecue. The ice cubes will melt gradually bringing just enough moisture to prevent the meat from drying out or burning. The result: juicy and tasty steaks that will delight your guests.

The advantages of this method

This technique has several advantages:

  • Controlled cooking: The water in the ice cube evaporates slowly, which keeps the heat constant and thus ensures even and controlled cooking of the minced steak. This avoids points of overcooking or undercooking.
  • Better humidity control: The ice cube provides a small amount of water which prevents the ground beef from drying out too quickly on the barbecue grill. This humidity is also beneficial for maintaining optimal taste in the meat.
  • Tastier steaks: Thanks to this method, the steaks retain their tenderness and juiciness throughout the cooking process, which makes them delicious dishes appreciated by all.

Other tips for a successful barbecue for sure

Although the ice cube trick on the ground beef is very effective, there are other tips to make your barbecue a success for sure:

  1. Always preheat your barbecue: This allows a better distribution of the heat and therefore an even cooking of the food.
  2. Lightly oil the grill before cooking: This way, the food won’t stick, and you can turn it over more easily.
  3. Regularly monitor the cooking: This allows you to control the degree of doneness of the food and to prevent it from burning or being undercooked.
  4. Variation of cooking times: Depending on the thickness and nature of the food, adjust the cooking times.

To conclude, do not hesitate to adopt the surprising trick of the ice cube on the ground beef to make your barbecue a success for sure. Your guests will be amazed by the quality and flavor of your hamburgers cooked on the barbecue thanks to this simple but extremely effective technique!

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