Visual Challenge: Can you find the monkey hiding in the clearing in less than 12 seconds?

Visual challenges are very popular and offer a great way to have a good time while improving your observation and concentration skills. This challenge is to find a monkey hiding in a clearing surrounded by forest. You have 12 seconds to find it! We therefore offer you this little game, which will certainly entertain you during your coffee break.

In this photo of a clearing in the forest, we can see a wooden chalet, trees, bushes and some branches on the ground. But beware ! There is something you don’t see: the monkey is well hidden in this forest scene. Your mission if you accept it: find the monkey before the 12 seconds are up. So, are you ready to take up this challenge?

Visual tests and optical illusions are fun games that require good concentration and observation in order to find the solution to each problem or challenge presented. Visual tests also test our ability to perceive the information present in an image and to understand the whole context, which can be very useful in solving certain complex problems.

So, can you find the monkey hiding in the clearing in less than 12 seconds? Get started!

Visual challenge: find the hidden monkey in the photo in less than 12 seconds

Do you like taking on challenges? Then this visual challenge is for you! To succeed, it will be necessary to observe and concentrate on the unusual details. If you manage to spot the monkey hiding in the middle of the clearing in less than 12 seconds, we will be very impressed!

visual challenge - find the monkey in the picture
Visual Challenge – Image: Reddit

Remember that to get there, you need to have a good eye and pay great attention to small details. So, are you ready for the challenge?

In order to complete this challenge, you will need your observation abilityas well as some creativity. Analyze everything around the monkey and try to find a clue. Once you spot it, you’ll need to be quick and act fast! So we’re counting on your courage and insight to complete the challenge in less than 12 seconds. Good luck !

Has the monkey been found?

Have you been tempted by this visual challenge? We are happy to inform you that the monkey is in front of the cottagejust behind theTREE. It is circled in the image below.

visual challenge - find the monkey in the picture - solution

Congratulations to everyone who managed to find it! Share this challenge with your friends on social networks and invite them to take up the challenge.

It is a great pleasure for us to see so many people who participated in this game. Thank you to each participant and thank you for your participation, it encourages us a lot! And if you liked this first edition of the visual challenge, then stay tuned because there will be others soon!

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