What are the secrets of Feng Shui to increase wealth at work?

THE feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of harmonizing the environmental energy of a place to promote well-being and prosperity. It can be applied in all areas of life, including work. In this article, we reveal the basic principles of Feng Shui to attract wealth into your professional life.

Understand the importance of wealth zones

Feng Shui divides spaces into different areas, each related to a specific aspect of our life. To attract wealth at work, it is essential to know and activate the areas of wealth in your office or business.

The wealth zone in your office

According to Feng Shui, the area of ​​wealth is usually in the back left corner of the room where you work, when facing the front door. It is important to keep this area clean, tidy and well lit to allow positive energy to flow and attract financial opportunities.

Increase wealth at work with feng shui
Increase wealth at work with feng shui

The area of ​​wealth in your business

In a company, the area of ​​wealth is usually near the main entrance, but also in areas where financial transactions take place, such as cash registers or the offices of revenue managers. Keeping these areas clean and organized is crucial to attracting positive energy and customers.

Strengthen Feng Shui Elements Related to Wealth

In Feng Shui, each area is associated with a specific element (wood, fire, earth, metal or water). To stimulate wealth at work, it is necessary to strengthen the elements related to this area.

The wood element

Wood represents growth and expansion. To promote financial prosperity, place green, healthy plants in the wealth zone of your office or business. Potted plants are particularly recommended because they symbolize the constant growth of income. Avoid cacti, which can repel opportunities due to their thorns.

The water element

Water is associated with abundance and the flow of energy. An aquarium with gold or gold fish can be placed in the wealth zone to attract prosperity. Make sure the water is always clean and clear for optimal circulation of positive energy. If you don’t have the option of having an aquarium, a water fountain can also be used to activate water energy.

feng shui secrets to increasing wealth
feng shui secrets to increasing wealth

Use symbols of wealth and abundance

Feng Shui is full of symbols representing wealth and abundance. It is possible to incorporate them into your workspace to attract prosperity.

  1. The three-legged frog: this classic Chinese symbol represents fortune and financial success. Place a statuette of this frog in the wealth area or near the entrance to your office or business to attract financial luck.
  2. The Makeshift Boat: a boat laden with gold coins or jewelry symbolizes the arrival of unexpected wealth. Place it in the wealth zone, making sure it faces inward into the office or business to invite abundance in.
  3. Chinese coins: Chinese metal coins, tied with a red ribbon, can be hung in the wealth area to attract prosperity.

Take care of the exterior appearance of your workplace

Positive energy must be able to flow freely around your office or business to foster abundance. The exterior of your workplace plays a crucial role in this flow of energy.

how to increase wealth with feng shui
how to increase wealth with feng shui

Maintain windows

Windows are considered the eyes of your business and should be clean and well maintained to allow positive energy to enter. Make sure the windows are always clean and that the curtains or blinds are in good condition.

Highlight entry

The entrance to your office or business is the first impression you give to your customers and should therefore be welcoming and inviting. Make sure it’s clean, well-lit, and planted with green plants to attract positive energy and financial opportunity.

Adopt a positive and open attitude

Finally, Feng Shui would not be complete without mentioning the importance of a positive and open attitude in attracting wealth. Cultivate a spirit of gratitude and generosity, and be ready to seize the opportunities that come your way. The positive energy you radiate will help attract even more abundance into your professional life.

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