WhatsApp: this long-awaited new feature will make your conversations even more lively!

The famous instant messaging service WhatsApp is testing an option allowing the automatic reading of Animated GIFs in discussions. This update could make the use of the application even more dynamic and attractive for its users.

A beta version for Android unveils the novelty

The discovery of this new functionality was made thanks to the release of a beta version intended for users android. Those who had the opportunity to download and install it on their smartphone were able to discover this change within the WhatsApp interface.

new whatsapp feature auto gif play
new whatsapp feature auto gif play

How does animated GIF autoplay work?

With this option, the Animated GIFs sent or received in a conversation are automatically read when the user scrolls the screen. Previously, you had to click on each frame to start the animation playing. From now on, users will no longer have to perform this action manually and will be able to enjoy these contents without interruption.

A better user experience thanks to animated GIFs

THE Animated GIFs are very popular in exchanges between instant messaging users. They make it possible to express emotions, reactions or simply to illustrate a situation in a playful and original way. By making them easier to read, WhatsApp wants to improve the user experience within its application.

Will other platforms benefit from this feature?

For the moment, only the beta version for smartphones android offers this option for automatic playback of animated GIFs. However, we can expect WhatsApp to deploy this new feature on other mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows Phone) when it is fully finalized and validated by testers. However, we will have to wait a little longer to know the exact date of this update.

new on whatsapp
new on whatsapp

Other recent WhatsApp developments

The automatic playback of animated GIFs is not the first novelty introduced by WhatsApp in recent months. The application continues to improve and enrich its functionalities to offer ever more possibilities to its users. Here are some examples of recent developments:

  • dark mode : in order to preserve the visual health and the battery of the smartphone, WhatsApp has implemented a dark mode which modifies the colors of the interface to make them less aggressive for the eyes.
  • Group video calls : during the health crisis, the application made it possible to make video calls to up to eight participants simultaneously to maintain the link between relatives.
  • Ephemeral messages : To enhance the privacy of conversations, WhatsApp has introduced the option to send messages that automatically delete themselves after seven days.

Ever more creative and innovative competitors

WhatsApp is one of the leaders in the instant messaging market, with more than 2 billion active users in the world. However, its competitors such as Telegram or Signal do not hesitate to innovate regularly to attract an ever more demanding audience in terms of features and performance.

automatic gif reading on whatsapp
automatic gif reading on whatsapp

What are the main differences with other apps?

Each of the instant messengers on the market offers options specific to their interfaces:

  1. Telegram relies on the speed and security of exchanges, with in particular the possibility of creating “secret chats” whose messages self-destruct after reading.
  2. Signal is often considered the most secure application, thanks to its open-source encryption protocol and its policy of not storing user data.
  3. Viber stands out for the quality of its voice and video calls and the possibility of creating discussion groups for up to 250 participants.

Thus, it seems essential for WhatsApp to continue to develop new features to differentiate itself and maintain its dominant position in the market. The automatic playback of animated GIFs could therefore be an additional advantage for the application against its competitors.

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