Why do you have to put the suitcases in the bathtub when you enter a hotel room?

You are traveling and have just arrived in your hotel room. Once installed, you notice the tub and suddenly wonder: why do some people recommend putting suitcases in the bathtub? The answer can be summed up in two words: bedbugs.

Bed bugs: a discreet but tenacious scourge

THE Bedbugs are small insects that feed on human blood and cause unpleasant itching. They are particularly present in accommodation establishments, where they find fertile ground for their proliferation.

Why do you have to put the suitcases in the bathtub when you enter a hotel room?
Why do you have to put the suitcases in the bathtub when you enter a hotel room?

How to recognize the presence of bed bugs?

The presence of these insects is often difficult to detect because they are very small (between 4 and 5 mm) and hide during the day. It is therefore unlikely that you will see any in the hotel room. Nevertheless, here are some signs that may indicate their presence:

  • Black or brown marks on the sheets, mattress or cushions: these are the excrement of bed bugs.
  • A sweet, unpleasant odor, similar to that of overripe fruit.
  • Bites on the skin, often grouped in a line or cluster.

The problem of bed bugs in hotels

THE hotel rooms are prime locations for bedbugs as they provide plenty of hiding places and a constant source of food. In addition, insects can easily move from one room to another by sneaking into walls and baseboards. Even the cleanest establishments are not immune to infestation.

Putting the suitcases in the bathtub: an effective preventive method

If you’re worried about running into a hotel room infested with bedbugs, there’s fortunately a simple trick to protect your luggage: put it in the bathtub. Here is why this technique is effective:

Bedbugs find it difficult to climb on smooth surfaces

There bathtub has a generally smooth and slippery surface, which makes it difficult for bedbugs to access. By placing your suitcases in the bathtub, you therefore reduce the risk of these insects settling there and bringing them home.

Suitcases are easier to inspect in the bathtub

By putting your suitcases in the tub, you can easily inspect them to check for bed bugs. Also, if you find bugs, it will be easier to get rid of them in the tub than on a rug or carpeted floor.

Other tips to avoid bed bugs during your hotel stay

Putting your suitcases in the bathtub is a preventative measure, but don’t forget other precautions to minimize the risk of encountering these undesirables:

  1. Inspect the room upon arrival : Check for the signs of bed bugs mentioned above. Do not hesitate to lift the sheets and inspect the mattress, as well as the areas around the bed (headboards, nightstands, etc.).
  2. Don’t leave your clothes lying on the floor : to prevent bed bugs from settling in your belongings, systematically store them in your closed luggage or hang them on hangers.
  3. Choose hotels with a good reputation for cleanliness : even if this does not guarantee the absence of bed bugs, choosing an establishment well rated for its cleanliness makes it possible to limit the risks.

By applying these recommendations during your hotel stay, you will be able to fully enjoy your trip without fearing the inconvenience caused by bed bugs. So, don’t forget: to avoid unpleasant surprises, get into the habit of putting your suitcases in the bathtub!

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