Why should clothes be washed inside out? A trick that will do you a great favor

How you care for your clothes can have a significant impact on how long they last and how they look. One of the easiest ways to preserve the quality of your clothes is to wash them inside out. In this article, we’ll look at why this technique is so important and how it can help protect your favorite items.

Protect colors and patterns

During machine washing, the fibers of the fabrics are subjected to numerous frictions which can lead to discoloration or deterioration of the patterns. By washing the garments inside out, you minimize direct contact between the visible parts of the garment and the other elements present in the machine as well as the walls of the drum. This therefore allows preserve the brilliance of the colors and the sharpness of the patterns so that they remain intact over time.

Why do you have to wash clothes inside out?
Why should clothes be washed inside out?

Special precautions for jeans and velor clothing

In the case of jeans, especially those with a dark color, it is recommended to wash them inside out to avoid the loss of pigments during washing. This precaution makes it possible to preserve the original color of the jeans and to reduce the appearance of white marks caused by friction. Similarly, for velor garments, washing inside out preserves the texture and feel of the fabric.

Reduce the appearance of pilling

Pilling is the small clusters of fibers that form on the surface of clothes after several washes. They are mainly caused by the friction of the fibers between themselves and with other elements present in the machine. By washing clothes inside out, you significantly reduce the risk of pilling, because the visible parts of the garment are less exposed to friction. It is particularly recommended to wash inside out sweaters and t-shirts made of cotton or wool, which tend to pill quickly.

Tip to further reduce pilling

In addition to washing inside out, it may be useful to use a detergent specially designed to limit the formation of pilling or to opt for a delicate washing cycle at low temperature. Also, avoid overloading your washing machine, as this increases friction between clothes.

Limit the wear of logos and prints

Garments with logos, embroidery or prints may be damaged in the machine wash. Direct exposure to other clothing and drum walls may cause peeling, scuffing or cracking of these decorative elements. By washing your clothes inside out, you protect logos and prints against these attacks and prolong their life.

Preserve zippers and buttons

In the same spirit, washing clothes inside out also preserves accessories such as zippers, buttons or press studs. By limiting their direct contact with other elements in the machine, you reduce the risk of damage and premature wear.

Best practices for washing clothes inside out

To reap the full benefits of washing clothes inside out, here are some additional tips:

  • Sort your clothes according to their color, material and level of dirt to avoid color transfer or deterioration due to improper washing.
  • Use a special laundry bag for very delicate garments, such as fine lingerie or lace items. This will add extra protection when washing inside out.
  • When the washing is finished, dry clothes inside out also. This will preserve the colors and patterns more, especially if you use a dryer or dry your clothes in direct sunlight.

Adopting the practice of washing clothes inside out is a simple and effective solution to extend their life and preserve their appearance. Do not hesitate to integrate this technique into your daily maintenance routine!

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