Yes, you are weak! But to what extent ? Find out by choosing one of the 3 Egyptian symbols

As part of a personal search for self-understanding, a visual design can be very useful. This method consists of carefully observing an image on which symbols are represented. After that you must select a symbol that appeals to you and refer to the explanations to find out what it reveals about your personality.

The choice of the first symbol

If this is the first symbol you have chosen, your biggest difficulty is undoubtedly your feeling of insecurity. This insecurity often translates into constant worry. Faced with each situation, your mind automatically goes to the worst possible scenario, creating an anxiety that can sometimes be paralyzing.

Despite this anxiety that makes you hesitant in immediate action, you always manage to find your courage to act as you should. Beyond your initial fears, your cognitive skills eventually take over and allow you to find solutions to the problems encountered.

As disturbing as it is, this fear should not define you because deep inside you resides a logical and thoughtful person. Learning how to manage your fears through rationalization would be a good starting point for quickly solving the problems that come your way.

Personality test on your weaknesses
Personality test on your weaknesses

Your relationship with the second symbol

If it’s the second symbol that caught your attention, then your biggest obstacle is probably your extreme perfectionism. You firmly believe that everything must be done according to your own rules and that each result must be impeccable otherwise it is a complete failure.

This state of mind is not always positive for you because it can lead to relationship difficulties due to the pressure you exert on others in your constant search for perfection.

However, this is not an excuse to sink into negligence or irresponsibility! It is rather a question of learning to find the right balance between requirement and flexibility.

Paradoxically, this perfectionism is also an undeniable sign of rigor and attention to detail, qualities that are rare and precious today.

Analysis of the third symbol

By choosing the third symbol, it becomes clear that your fears can sometimes take over your daily life, both personal and professional. This could stem from a past trauma, but it is essential to learn how to manage this constant anxiety which can quickly prove to be draining both physically and emotionally.

To do this, why not try simple but effective relaxation methods such as enjoying a hot cup of tea or homemade hot chocolate? Nothing is more beneficial than feeding your mind with positive thoughts during these special moments.

These moments must be dedicated entirely to their preparation, avoiding any intrusive or negative thoughts. This kind of regular exercise will certainly help to gradually reduce your level of anxiety.

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